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Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
In response to your first point, we have been over this many infinitum if not ad nauseum. I have repeatedly responded that I do not expect BMW to give me a cable each time Apple releases a new model or product.
Good, no debate there. (I hope)

So here's maybe where you don't get it:
Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
... I still feel that BMW should supply a connector at least in or with cars equipped with the Premium Radio Package, BMW Apps or whatever equipment that is compatible with and require such.
It's been stated here and alluded to many many times over and for some strange reason, you don't get it:
Your 35i DOES come with two available connections.
1) USB Port for the cable you already own via Apple
2) Smartphone Integration

You yourself have already stated and seen that you don't expect BMW to support all iterations of the iPod.
You have already seen through your three different Apple products that they;
a) Classic, Nano, iPhone have varying levels of connectivity and compatibility.
b) Can connect in various ways

NoI4plz has already detailed a link in his reply that details whether a particular configuration comes with certain cables or not based upon what equipment you order with a BMW.

Whether or not you have the cable Apple gave you with your Apple product is a straw man argument (if you want to play with your legal brethren speak). Your Nano, Classic, even iPhone all came with cables when you bought them. The sun rises. There is no need to present facts not in evidence because Apple already provides those cables and it's common knowledge.

It all boils down to this:
Your particular iPod is simply not 100% compatible with your X3 based on the equipment you got. Your more expensive X3 supports the newer and higher end Apple products. (your newer Nano, your iPhone)

The X28i in your comparison does not support the newer and higher end Apple products (iPhone, etc)
And so, BMW deemed it worthy of supporting the older and more outdated Apple products via included Y-cable.

Your higher and more expensive 35i also happens to support a broader range of products due to the two included connection options. With Smartphone Integration, it happens to support things like an Android phone for example. (probably not 100%, but that's beyond this scope)

The lesser equipped 28i in your example would not.

As it were, two levels of equipment support a differing set of entertainment options. Your 35i supports a broader range to some level or other. The 28i supports a slightly differing set with some possible overlap. No way for one to fully 100% support all.
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