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It makes me feel good when, after all this work by everyone, a question is answered here, in the forum, well before someone even thinks to ask it.

Happened just now, for example, for this vacuum port:
> E39 (1997 - 2003) > Oil Separator Small Vacuum Hose

Originally Posted by Dnormand View Post
I purchased a CCV kit for my 2001 BMW 525i. Installing it, for a moderately experienced DIYer, was a bit frustrating. I was able to find 3 video segments on Youtube that did a good job of providing step by step (look up M54 Crankcase ventilation). I have 2 issues for the forum - one a question and the other a comment/suggestion.

The new oil separator(OS) has a small port that was unplugged upon receiving it. Official BMW records say that port is "required" for my model year car. My old OS is not have it so I am thinking just plug it up. What should I do and if needed where does it bloody connect to?

In order to connect the breather hose (valve cover to OS) I used a heat gun to soften the OS side due to it being very stiff. I actually broke the first OS trying to connect this one. (urrrrgggg!) Sometimes these aftermarket kits require a little finagling right?

Responses appreciated. Here is what I am talking about.
Please read the suggested threads, where the best always add value to those threads, either by pictures or by descriptions, so the next person with the same problem stands on your shoulders.
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