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Originally Posted by WileyPSims View Post
So i recently bought a 2001 BMW 330i, not knowing sh*t about them smh, and about 2 days later the airbag light came on, & i told the dealer guy about it and he said it was some type of malfunction and all he needed to do was reset it, well that never happened. so a month has passed by and i decided to go on a road trip to denver.. (i know im dumb..) so on the way over there everything went smooth, but on the way back while driving on the highway the car jerked, and the BRAKE light came on, along with the ASC light, & the CHECK ENGINE SOON light, i pulled to the side and turned it back on after 10 minutes and the lights came off. As i drove home this happened about 3 times (another stupidity). not only that but the car also turns off automatically!! which is super deadly! can someone help me?? i know i dont know sh*t but i got to learn somewhere, just like evryone.. thanks guys.
The performance issues are likely unrelated to the airbag error. Your car probably went into what is known as limp mode, restricting performance for its own protection until the problem is resolved. Turning the key off then back on clears limp mode until the computer sees the problems again and limps it again. Lots of things need attention on this car by 11 years so unless you know stuff has been done, you might have a lot of "mid-life" refreshment maintenance to do. Read through the e46 wiki at link at top of page to get an idea. Be prepared to spend some money to get it into top shape again.

The fuel pumps ($150ish) are usually reliable 8-12 years and will cause this issue, or a clogged fuel filter ($40). But get the codes read and report back here before you start throwing $$ parts at it. At this age, lots of things can cause this.

Have AZ test your battery as well. A failing battery can make these cars do weird things too.
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