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But what I don't get is why my old iPod worked using the USB port in my 2008 and 2010 cars and not via the same USB connection in the 2012. I don't remember if the previous cars had Y-ports or not. As you indicated, USB is universal, correct?

Perhaps the wiring in the X35i requires a Y-connector, and, for some reason, USB alone won't work, and the X28i doesn't. I just don't know.

As I said, I will try my new iPod in the new car using the standard cable alone. If I understand you correctly, it should work.

So, again, if we assume you're correct in that the iPod cable is the USB connector for my car, why does the X28i come with a Y-connector if it, too, has a USB port (assuming it does, but I don't know that)?

So, is it the case that the newer iPods don't require Y-connectors, just USB? And, if so, and you may have previously addressed this (probably several times), I apologize. I will try the experiment as noted above.


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