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Okay so what a heck of a long day.... started at 9 AM and finished around 3pm.

I know, sounds like a long time but a few things came up.

1) I was able to replace the coolant expansion tank but as it turns out, it seems that it was the TOP RADIATOR hose that was leaking... that's my judgment right now but that's okay. I am happy I replaced it anyways, hose was extra 30 bucks..... but it was a mess. First, I did not have as much clearance as the pictured DIY showed, maybe it's because we have xDrive but I def did not have the whole front end open like that... in any event, I did it but I got coolant everywhere, ugh, even on my face. Def a learning experience... Good news is that I believe the leaking situation is solved (finally)

2) The transfer case fluid was also done... it was black, as I expected it to be. This also took me forever... I made a big mistake and started taking apart the transfer case metal support so I can get more clearance to put a socket, that didn't work... I realized when I took that down that the transfer case came down with it, so I had to get a carjack and put it back up and tighten the mount.... FINALLY went to Advanced, picked up a 16mm and worked out fine. So the transfer case took almost all of my quart bottle but it didn't start coming out and if so, very slightly.... should I buy another one and put it in until it's definitely coming out? I have just a tiny bit left and I think when I finished pumping and couldn't get more of it into the transfer case, it was coming out pretty slowly... which, to me, it meant that it was good to go. Thought?

3) Replace air filter (it was awfully dirty and gross); and also the cabin filter... (also disgusting)

Test Driving: So far the car feels good; overall, I actually think the car feels smoother... also, the clanking from 2 to 1 has disappeared for now and I'm still taking it easy driving wise to ensure that the transfer case gets fully fully lubricated. The coolant issue seems to be fixed which I am very happy about, now I need to save up and get a radiator flush.

Car just hit 98.5k today, I plan to do the remaining maintenance schedule but I need to drive the car for at least three months without spending more money in it. Hoping it lasts!

Thank you to the both of you for the help!

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