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I had some reservations at first of the X1 for fear that it will look like a wagon than an SUV.
Then this morning I drove by one. It definitely looks more like an SUV (albeit a /shorter one) than a wagon.
Wagons typically look "polite" and stretched out. The X1 looked pretty buff.

When I priced out the MSRPs for X3's and the X1's, the X3 end up being around 4k more expensive than the X1.
Some argue X3 has nicer interior, the back seat vents, etc. The car also weighs more. But I don't see how that all equates to the 4k premium in cost of production.
So some of it is marketing, some of it is BMW testing the X1 market in the USA.

You should test drive the difference between X1 and X3. You should notice a difference in handling. Go look at the X1, then, say, an Audi A4 wagon/all road to see the difference for yourself (don't let others make you believe it is one way or the other )
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