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Originally Posted by azbimmer View Post
I am not sure what your point is.
I only had two points, the first of which was humor (notice the smiley), and the second of which was simply to bolster those who said it wasn't important at all to put premium gasoline in his vehicle.

Of course, I pointed the OP to the threads which actually discussed the pros and cons of using premium versus the better burning fuels at the lower octane rating, and even to the Gasoline FAQ which explains exactly what an anti-knock index indicates (hint: it has nothing to do with power, per se, nor of fuel economy, per se).

The OP asked for an opinion on how important premium is - and we all gave him an opinion. To me, gas is gas - but I 'do' fully and completely understand what an octane rating indicates (see the detail in the threads referenced) so I also fully understand those who say to put premium in the car.

Of course, if it knocks on the better gas (i.e., the lower octane fuel), then sure as Christmas, the OP needs to reconsider any of the advice provided ... yet ... if it doesn't knock on the better (i.e., lower octane) fuel, then all the advice given (both pro and con) should be taken into account.

Good luck to all!
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