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Originally Posted by wassy View Post
Yes. Is like a better sound. I had replace speakers and maybe added a crossover to a prior car (non BMW) and it improved modestly. I've fine tunes the EQ on the bimmer, and while its "ok" it's certainly not premium. At least compared to others on the market. I am not trying to make it into a B&O system although that would be great, but just spend maybe 700-1000 on some speaker upgrades and maybe an amp to add. I don't want the big subwoofers or anything like that. Nothing custom, no panels, etc.

I can go locally to a car audio shop but thought others may have ventured into this and offer some recommendations.

The sound is not as robust or impressive as I'd like or expect.
Being your system the Top HiFi it tends not to take a big difference changing speakers. And more importantly, changing speakers that match the OEM impedances at least. Otherwise you will make your unsatisfactory system more so.

The specs of your OEM amp are impressive: 600W divided by 9-channels, Logic7 processing, 7-band EQ. However, the new BMW speakers are bolted to the door and not to door panels anymore. That allowed BMW to use shallower speakers -30mm or so of depth between the door and the window mechanism- than previous Series. That alone reduced your selection of speakers to just 2 -CDT and Focal shallow 4". The OEM underseat woofers are 7ohms, so you cannot replace those with anything standard (2-4-ohms) or your OEM amp will go into protection mode (overheat).

My suggestion is to bypass your OEM amp with either a mObridge DA2 converter (converts the MOST inputs to analog) or coding your CIC to output HiFi (analog balanced signals) and add 9-channels of aftermarket amplification while keeping the OEM speakers. That would be around the $1000/$1200 range. For an extra $500 or so you can add a DSP processor for better tuning of your system.

Either way is 100% reversible to OEM and it does not require cutting of any OEM wires.

You will notice right away that your dissatisfaction was caused by the OEM amp processing and not the speakers.
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