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T-mobile is going in the right direction with this. It is correcting a flaw in the boxed in thinking of paying $200 for a phone, sign a contract for two years, and then pay $20 extra per month that you are not aware of, to pay $480 in two years on top of the $200 you've already paid. Their phone ends up costing the customer close to the same price of a full price phone, PLUS, they lock you in for two years. All they do is giving the customer a concealed payment plan of two years.

They should probably add a service of unlocking other companies phones to be used by their network. Why not?

But I agree, they should give the customer two options. A full priced new phone with reduced monthly rate, and a $200 phone with higher monthly rates. They could even go a step further and call that a payment plan to unmask the BS practice of the other companies.
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