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1000 mile road trip with X5d

Thought I would share some impressions from my 800+mi trip from Milwaukee WI back to Atlanta, GA in my new to me x5d. some quick background on the sale:

Able to locate a 2011 with under 14000 miles but it was in Wisconsin. So I call the number on autotrader and I speak with a very nice, knowledgeable owner. My mother grew up in town not too far away from where the car was located so I asked what his last name was. Turns out, its the nephew of one of my uncle's oldest and best friends. Our families have known each other for say 30 years! So a ffew conversations later, we have a deal, and I am on delta for 100 bucks up to Milwaukee a week ago Friday. Get the deal done on Friday afternoon, go out with cousins for fish fry (wisconsin tradition on Friday nights) and off I go at 430am the next morning after getting in bed a little past midnight.

Get on I-43 and set the cruise at a GPS speed of 75 and I am on my way. First impressions as the sun comes up
The pros:
1. How massive and solid the car is at speed...vault like. Morse so than my wife's 335d
2. 24 mpgs; not bad at all
3. This sun roof is awesome
4. Sportseats are really comfortable
5. High quality fit and finish
6. The engine HP and torque

The cons
1. Can't see the right hand turn signal with hands at 10 and 2. Need to be at 9 and 3. Did they not drive the car?
2. 20" inch and tires feel ultra heavy and you feel pretty much every road imperfection. on I-65 south in Indiana the highway is actually rutted in some areas like an old dirt road and that wheel was having a hard time keeping it straight as the tires tracked each new rut.
3. Needs one more gear or they need to change final drive ratio. Cruising at 75 is almost 2500 on the tach. Wish it was 2000 as that could potentially make a big impact, for the positive, in the mpgs.
4. Sound system leaves somthing to be desired
6. Voice prompts suck...I've got like 700 contacts in my iphone and I can't scroll to the Rs every single time.

First stop was Lousivlle, KY for gas...average of a solid 25 mpg at that point at 72.3 mph. Better but not 26 - 28mpg which is where I thought I might have been given little traffic and constant speed.

2nd stop was nashville for the night. Approx 11 hours and 800 miles....

Up the next morning early (430 again) and in ATL at 10am qith the time change. Can I say those seats are great. Much better than the base which we have in my wife's 2010 335d. It's almost criminal that they put those things in there.

last comment: the engine is nothing short of amazing going up over the ridges in and around Chattenooga...little down shifting and passing ease from 60 - 90. No muss no fuss passing the ****ty little cheap cars that we see on the roads with a house full of crap in them that are in the left lane.

So we now have 2 diesels and right now we're on the wrong side of this fuel price trade but I am ok with that...some of the best engines BMW has made in my opinion.

Thanks for letting me ramble here.
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