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Thumbs up Bmw x5 4.4 - no heat !

Here's what I found out. The X5 4.4 has a secondary water pump and should have a heater valve located near the rear of the engine. Check the heater valve and hose and consider replacement.

I checked my Bentley Manual also and here is what I found about the heater valve replacement:

1) Drain engine coolant. Allow the engine to cool thoroughly before opening or draining the cooling system.

2) Working in engine compartment at left strut tower:
* Detach electrical connector at heater valve;
* Loosen hose clamps. Pull coolant hoses off valve.
Use shop towels to catch dripping coolant

3) Pull heater valve out of rubber mounts.

Installation is reverse of removal. Remember to:

* inspect hoses and rubber mounts, replace as necessary. Use new
hose clamps.
* fill and bleed cooling system

TIGHTENING TORQUE: Coolant Hose Clamp 32-48 mm (1 1/4 - 2 in)
2.5 Nm (22 in-lb)
Source: Bentley BMW X5 Service Manual

I am definitely going to check this out.
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