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Mein Auto: 1999 BMW 540it Wagon
Just bought a 540iT - Didn't come with Service History - How to Get??

This is my first post here, glad to be here.

I recently purchased a 1999 BMW 540iT with 162k and a bad tranny. I took a chance (big) on buying it and am in the process of having my mechanic install another tranny. That process is underway, but I have a couple of questions for the members here.
  1. Is there anyway obtain service records for the vehicle so I can begin them myself?
  2. Will a Carfax provide any info?
  3. Can a BMW service center/dealer pull service records from other BMW service centers/dealers?

The car is not a salvage title and is in good condition other than the tranny and a few other small issues such driver and passenger window regulators being out.

Any advice you can provide on the service history questions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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