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There are many different combinations you can use.
Basically you can mount darn near any spring to any strut and not worry.
It all depends on your goal in mind.

You also have to figure in the overall shape of your suspension.

For you can throw money at the struts and springs.
However if your CAs, tierods, ball joints, various bushings, etc are on the way out.
It wouldn't matter if you had 4k coilovers. The ride will not be to potential.

That said. Strut/spring combos are various and driver specific at best.

Some like a stiff ride, some like a sport/comfort ride.

Best bet is to start with what you got and the eibachs. See how it feels.
That way you can gauge you strut purchase.

IMO in strut choices:

Sach supertourings
OEM (sach)

Only struts or strut/spring combos better than these are coilovers... and even that can be more complex.

good luck

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