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Originally Posted by Dking078 View Post
I was somewhat in your same situation with my 5, my cars PO wasn't useful at all so I just started a blank slate and recorded all my repairs from the day I got it to now.
Great to know someone has been through something similar before.

Originally Posted by Dking078 View Post
1. Find the previous owner and ask, if he turns up dry, you'll have to make records from your ownership on at the least.
I've asked, but the previous PO owned the car for a short time (since 4/12) and doesn't have any info. He purchased it from a wholesale auction.

Originally Posted by Dking078 View Post
Depends on the dealer...BMW feels it's none of our biz to even LOOK at that information. The most info you will get out of the dealer will be that of the first owner and sometimes the second.
I'll check that out to see if they can offer any info. If the dealer can't provide any info, I'll have to start a file from the time I've owned it on.
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