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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post

Would you mind explaining how the various spring/shock setups function and the differences between them and why ?
There is a dearth of reliable information on this on the net, and you clearly have been through the ringer on this before.

Much appreciated.

Don't know if serious

Lol. Just been in this same conversation elsewhere a year ago.

Without turning this into a lecture on physics, damping, rebound and such.
The differences and variations are dependant on the desired goal. But it's all linear.

He has two questions. Does he need to change his struts. No he doesn't have to.
If the car isn't a track car dropping the car on standard length struts will not hurt the car.
It's been done many times over, and I've done it with success as well. Even cut springs.
Removing the spring pads will not hurt but it's IMO keep the spring pads on there to be safe.

Second question was the combos people have or have experience with.
Ideal handling characteristics are driver dependant.
It's hard to compare someone else's ideal suspension to your own.
Some people like a good stiff suspension, Some like a more comfortable ride.
While others may fall in between.

So let's start with some missing details. What type of struts do you have?
Have you performed the maintenance to the front and rear end?
This is important. I've said it once I'll say it again...

Maintenance before performance (and if you can do both in the same stroke that's good too)
Good struts, new springs on bad CAs will ruin a wet dream.
For lowering the center of gravity on the car (depending on how low) will cause premature wear on your suspension components.
So if necessary get it up to snuff before you drop it.

What's your goal brohammy? Drop it. Understood. But what are you looking to gain?
ride comfort?
Riding on rails?

When I went through my suspension adventure I wanted control of the handling characteristics.
I ran though several sets of struts and springs till a set of KW Inox Coilovers fell into my lap.
I also threw money, new parts, and poly into the rest of the suspension.

Again bring about the statement, Ideal handling characteristics is driver dependant.


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