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Originally Posted by radims View Post
... observed it for few more days and come to a conclusion that it must be a default setting:

Every time one turns the car on the ventilation will turn on - either at the lowest level (provided it was completely off last time the car was driven) or it will come back to the last setting (if the ventilation was anything but off last time) ...

I must say that this 'default on' after I turn it off the last time is nothing but idiotic ... Two reasons:

1. Why don't I have a choice to have the ventilation set to whatever I want, whenever I want it ... makes absolute no sense ... there is no logical reason, no safety reason, ...
2. In winter it makes even less sense - I obviously don't want the cold air coming in before the engine gets warm - so again I have to turn it off manually when I start the car on ...

If I wouldn't own 2007 E92 335i before (where ventilation was doing exactly what I told it to do), maybe I would feel differently about it. But because of my previous experience with BMW I just don't get this - you might say it is a 'little detail', but that is exactly why it is pissing me off. These 'little details' should be taken care of - such a fine piece of machinery as F30 undoubtedly is shouldn't be littered with such stupid flaws (and I can list few more illogical ones). It creates very 'unpolished' impression of the car and that is unfortunate.
You are wrong on both counts.

1. It is a safety concern. Germans are very focused on fresh air to keep the driver alert. I am guessing they also want the system to run to clear windows (if it has to). Our cars are rather well sealed. Did you notice the fan speed changes with vehicle speed?? That is done to compensate for pressure differences. I read it in one of the service manuals.

2. If you read the manual, you would understand that the system doesn't start blowing air until the engine is warm enough to produce warm air. Pay attention next time. Let it do it's thing. This car actually warms up VERY quickly to boot.

The system is automatically doing everything for you By trying to over think it, you are making more problems for yourself. The auto climate system is very advanced and rather impressive. It will even take actions to prevent fogging windows before the fog is even visible.

I still don't see any reason why there is ever a need to shut the thing off under normal conditions. The only time I have shut it off is if I turn the car on to check tire pressure (windows down) or check the display or something. In that situation I am not driving. Other than that, if I am driving, it is on.
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