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Thanks' for the replies! Yesterday I removed the shield under the engine compartment, it was a no brainer, and it allowed me to have good look at what I was getting into. I sincerely hope that BMW has come up with a better design for the front air dams, but I doubt it, as they can't seem to figure our how to stop the rear bumper from warping.

The tabs that hold the dam in place are part of the bumper mold, and if they are broken from it seems, any object hitting the dam, there is no way to permanently pop it back into place, without if falling back out after a couple bumps in the road.

It's funny, but not...I have seen, and just looked at another online this am, a 09 model, that has the same issue. Very, very common.

I spoke with the service department re both the front dam, and the rear reflectors. He said they have a repair kit for the front, so I guess I'll be checking into that. Hopefully it will be a permanent fix, as it looks like hell. As for the rear reflectors, he said the parts were only $15 bucks, but good luck getting them in. He said, if the bumper was even a little off, from being hit, or more likely, just warping out of shape the slightest, they're next to impossible to fit in.

I'll be updating with a fix for both..I hope!!
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