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Originally Posted by voip-ninja View Post
You are not asking what it does, that's been explained. You are asking for some kind of subjective evaluation of the suspension, when you should just find a dealer that has a car with it (even a used one) and find out for yourself.

In a nutshell, since you drive on city streets the primary advantage is that the active suspension will soak up bumps better than the stock suspension. However if you are buying a no-lines model and keeping it long term and aren't a sport-oriented driver then you might be better off saving your money as the adaptive suspension will cost more to service/replace components on, down the road.
This bold part helps.

I guess am asking for is a listing out of its benefits, because I am having trouble finding a concise explanation of that. I have looked around for a while and just haven't been able to find it. I have found technical explanations of what it is ("a lowering of the chassis by ten millimetres and electronically controlled dampers result in increased agility") and, to your point, what it does ("sensors continuously measure data and control the shock absorber valves in the Adaptive M suspension according to the driving situation and road profile"), but I haven't found much on how it helps drivers (e.g., corner more sharply, accelerate more smoothly, brake more effectively, stuff like that).

You have helped a lot by talking about how it soaks up bumps on rough city streets. That helps, and thank you. If you have a link or a referral to any complete concise explanation of driver benefits, I'd appreciate that.

I also do appreciate your recommendation based on my circumstances. Thanks for that, too.
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