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Originally Posted by Nordic_Kat View Post
Are you aware that at least here in the more civilized parts of Tejas, if you don't have holes drilled in your front bumper, the LEO's pretty much look the other way? We have a nearly 12 year old MB and my 3+ year old 328i which have never had a front plate and and have never had any issues.

FWIW: If you do get stopped by a LEO with an agenda, most counties allow for you to show up with a demonstration of your front plate "mounted" which you can accomplish with some strategically placed double faced adhesive tape.

Bottom line, fly under the radar and address only if required.

Good luck and welcome to the 'fest.
Kat, are you suggesting that you have never given a LEO a good reason to check you out? I know one officer who would stop you for driving while blonde.
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