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Originally Posted by jburke4689 View Post
Is it all of the time or just occasionally? Next time it happens don't pull it into second. Try releasing the clutch pedal and pushing it in again then try going into first again. It if goes in smoothly then it is probably a worn synchro and you will just want to live with it. It would require a transmission rebuild to fix and it isn't really much more than an annoyance.
Originally Posted by Tom K. View Post
You might also try changing the transmission fluid. I found that going to RedLine fluid on my E46 at around 70,000 miles greatly improved the shifting and eliminated the "where is 1st" problem when the car was started in near freezing temps.

May not completely solve the problem - but it's cheaper than a new tranny.


Three last things. Is it worse first thing in the morning, and seems to improve after your engine/tranny warm up?
If you are stopped and try to put it into first is it any different than downshifting into first while slowing down?
Do you ever feel a vibration or hear a noise when snicking into first gear?
Oh, a real last thing...The next time it is difficult to get into first, put it back into neutral. Push the clutch pedal down rapidly three times and hold it. Does it now go into first gear 'normally'?
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