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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
I have a late 03 (07/03), but I was told to run for the hills if you come across an 02. However I have heard mixed things on 03/04 but I think the general consensus is the 02-04 is the "worst". The problem with these problems, and all problems in the world for that matter is nobody wants to do the work to fight anymore, and it seems everyone has got a real bad habit taking these things in the ass, and moving on.

I don't know what the answer is here, but I think this is ridiculous. There are entirely WAY TOO MANY problems on these cars that are happening on car after car. A couple, maybe. Mercedes is known to have airmatic issues, okay, expensive, it sucks, but everything else is near bulletproof on the W220. Maybe some electrical problems too, but thats part of the game. Even though these cars are nearing 10 years old (Mine actually just turned 9) many people paid ALOT of money for them. The reason they are worthless now is because of all these issues. So these people are losing twice!

I think they get away with this stuff because nobody makes a big deal out of it. There arent huge campaigns out there to educate the public that BMW is selling their customers a hundred thousand dollar car that falls apart from every end. I mean, how many years has this company been in business? How many cars have they built, and designed? The BMW guy told me they put hundreds of thousands or millions of miles on a design before it hits the public lane. They know these are issues. The coolant pipe is a joke! Easily redesigned, but I feel they do this to make money on the service end. They figure these people are rich, looking to make a statement, willing to pay the price of the car, they will obviously be willing to fix it, they have no choice.. they make out twice! Why? Only one reason: They can.. we don't stop them.

All of the oil leaks, coolant leaks, burning oil, major internal engine and transmission issues, etc. are not just happening on a few cars here and there but basically all of them. Maybe a few are still ticking, but it's not a matter of if, but when. Someone mentioned on here the other day how these engines run very hot at 105c and they don't have Viton on the valve seals so they get ruined by the heat. They were mentioning how if someone came out with a cooler thermostat these engines could run forever, and not even trip the computer! Why on earth wouldn't BMW do this? Because they don't have to..

Sorry for another short story but I feel very strong about all of this. I am willing to fight, or do anything, but I admit I don't know where to go.. I am sure someone here with more legal experience or even a publicist or something could give some great ideas.. I also read on here that only a few cars having the same issue was enough to make BMW put out a recall on something, so it is doable..

A wise man once told me, all of the abuse we take from the government and big business etc. is simply because they can, and what we, the public don't realize is 100,000 people banding together can do ANYTHING.
I agree with everything you're saying. You're right, they get away with it b/c they can. It's almost as if they are off the hook after the factory warranty is over. "Bye bye good luck"..
If there were such a petition, I'd sign on the dotted line.

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