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Originally Posted by acrackl View Post
I quit posting some time back. But your post brings back some memories. Here's my experience with a 2011 X5 35D (too delivery late May 2010 - you can look for my posts)

1. 09 Jun 2010: Trunk lid will not close. Mileage ~230. Dealer replaced trunk lid lock
2. 21 Apr 2011: CEL on. Mileage 5700. Error codes 4D16, 480A. Diagnosis/work says "performed DEF regeneration by driving. They basically cleared the codes and gave back to me.
3. 28 Apr 2011: CEL on again along with low DEF warning. Mileage ~5800. Error codes 4D16, 4BD3. Replaced DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), Exhaust Manifold, SCR Catalytic converter. Refilled with DEF.
4. 18 May 2011: CEL on again along with low DEF warning. Mileage ~6300. Error code 4D16. Catalytic converter permanent malfunction. R&R Catalytic converter.
5. 21 May 2012: CEL on. Mileage ~13500. Replaced charge air sensor, EGR valve (campaign).
6. CEL returned after 30 miles from dealer. Wrote letter to BMW NA.
7. 21 Nov 2012: Wrote letter to BMW NA, CMRRR
8. 07 Dec 2012: Mileage 20000. BMW NA sent Regional tech rep. Dropped off car today. As per write-up, SCR Mixer, Reprogramming and Bolt replacement to be carried out. SA called a few minutes ago and mentioned that they have to replace the NOX sensors as well.

Already consulted/retained a lemon law attorney and that process is already under way.
Please dont give the atty a dime more than you can get from BMW.... while BMW pays the legal fees, most lemon law scum charge you a % of your payment too. You are wasting money if you pay them a contingency.

If this was in CA, and you achieved the number of visits or 30 days to qualify for a lemon buyback, the good news is they % they use would be about 5800/120000 or 4.8%. You would receive 95.2% of your purchase price back, given that the issue first started at 5700/5800.

So make sure you understand the law in your state.

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