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Originally Posted by mpp View Post
I am a "no wind deflector" kind of person. Also, always windows all the way down when the top is down. For me a big part of having the top down, besides the sun, is the wind effect. But also, I'm mostly bald so don't have any hair issues. Even at highway speeds I find no significant noise problems, i.e., you can easily have a conversation.
More than an hour at speeds of 70 or above gets fatiguing to on the highway, the windows go up unless I'm only going to be there a little bit.

Also, I've discovered that windows up with no windscreen is actually worse at higher speeds than windows down...90 mph with the windows up and with windscreen up is like 30 mph with windows down and no windscreen

In town they are always down, unless the giant truck beside me is making so much noise the person on the phone can't hear me
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