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Originally Posted by petriej View Post
I'm shocked no one has asked yet, but:

Karl!? How is your first day with Legal Washington Marijuana going?

People getting baked all around?
Actually, I haven't noticed anything going on around where I work, but I have friends who live elsewhere in the city that said the weed clouds drifted into town at 12:01am and were still lingering when it was time to head to work at 7am.

Originally Posted by EnserioJose View Post
I was going to ask, but figured his absence from OT meant he was, um, busy
Kidding. I totally think it should be fully legal throughout the US, but I don't partake very often. Usually just when old friends are in town, etc.

Originally Posted by petriej View Post
I'm not 100% versed in the situation, but in CA, it's decriminalized, whereas in WA, it's legalized...
First medical marijuana became legal, then all marijuana became decriminalized (still illegal, but you wouldn't be prosecuted), and now it is fully legal (sort of). It's still illegal to buy and to grow weed, but it isn't illegal to smoke in private. It's a bit odd, but basically the only way you can legally smoke pot here is if a bag of weed falls from the sky. Nevertheless, the laws will soon evolve to specify how marijuana can be legally bought and sold. It's going to be regulated by the state, but they have yet to figure out exactly how.

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