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Originally Posted by SlimKlim View Post
That Martini one is awesome. Flyin' Miata does some awesome stuff. If I had more money than I knew what to do with I'd write them a check for one of their turn-key LS1 builds.

How far/often do you drive? You can do a hell of a lot more with a Miata than a BMW with the same budget. The reason I sold mine was because I rarely had a chance to just go womp on it, and it was just a cramped, wobbly mess on the interstate.

However, if I didn't drive on a daily basis or was still in school and had lots of time and could use other means of transportation, a turbo miata is about the best bang for your buck for performance. The kit for the 1.8 is like $2500.
I drive 44 miles to school and back every day. My drive is mostly twisty mount road that would fun in a Miata. Then when it is above 60f I always have my windows and sunroof down, so have a convertible would be perfect for that. The only thing stopping me is that I would have to sell my BMW to get a Miata. Sell my BMW would simply be a nightmare. I drive my BMW almost every day so after I sold it I would have to get ride everywhere. This could go on for months as I look for a Miata. Also I have a lot of time and money invested in my BMW so I not really looking forward to selling it.
Honestly, I think my best bet is to get a part time job and start saving. Then in the spring start looking and see what comes up. That way I would not have to sell the BMW and I could have a Miata as a second car. Witch would come in handy when I need to take the BMW apart for more than two day.
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