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I was making a left turn on a left turn signal, going into a street that had recently had its right lane widened into two lanes, and there were vans in both lanes, and, as these work vans like to do, both were edged into the roadway.

As I made my left turn, I saw a fire truck coming up the lane I was going to turn into.

Off the gas, slam on the brakes, and the car just STOPPED, right now. Lift off the gas immediately like that, and a BMW thinks you might be going into emergency stop mode and precharges the brakes and gets ready. Slam them on, and those big brakes with top notch pads, calipers, charging system, disks, and everything else just stops the car better than a lesser car does.

What it feels like and does at 50, it feels like and does at 60, 70, 80, whatever. We drove 750 miles in one day with very little problem, and were not physically broken up after the drive, and we are not exactly young, and we averaged 29 mpg on the trip. And I was always able to put the car exactly where I wanted to at every time. Up a long grade and need to accellerate? No problem, just depress the pedal. Set the cruise at 75? Doesn't matter if you are going uphill down hill, long grade, sweepers, bends, whatever, the car just handles it with aplomb.

A BMW's overall limits are just higher.

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