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Originally Posted by ZeGerman View Post
Actually, Mazda is one of the better car companies out there. When I see someone in a Mazda, I almost always give them small props for not buying a more boring alternative. You really have to take a step back and look at their lineup.

MX5: Say what you will, but nobody builds a better affordable roadster.
CX5: Seriously excellent small crossover. Looks great, and a small displacement diesel option most likely just around the corner. It's the "driver's" crossover.
Mazda6: Pretty excellent styling, especially compared to its competition (Malibu, Accord, Camry, etc.). Excellent driving dynamics. Diesel option coming soon.
Mazda5: Ugly, but is highly regarded as being an excellent driving mini-minivan, if you need one.
Mazda2: Ugly, but is known for not being a total penalty box in terms of handling.
Mazda3: The enthusiast driver's alternative to vanilla Civics and Corollas.
Mazda RX8: No longer sold, and the rotary engine was not reliable, but the car handled better than cars costing MUCH more.

Of all the car companies out there, Mazda is pretty much the only one who prioritizes sporty handling throughout most of their lineup. Also, I remember back a number of years ago when I test drove a 1st gen Mazda3. The interior was WAAAAY nicer than anything else in the segment. They have also invested heavily in club and professional motorsport racing for decades, which few car companies do, and it shows. By most accounts, Mazda is run by engineers and enthusiasts, and not by bean counters.
I have to seriously disagree here Karl, Mazda makes pretty much NOTHING that's competetive IMO. The Miata is what it is. The small crossover seems decent, at least it's good on gas.

6 is very very very very bland, like 90s Accord. The new one that's coming does look better from the little I've seen, but that class is so competitive ANY of the cars you get will be great.

3 is ok, but then again, nothing special. I'd rather have the new turbo Focus.

I consider them in the same class as Mitsubishi/Dodge/Acura/Lincoln/Infinity, basically all the brands that are behind in almost every category and have been and will be for a long time.

Originally Posted by E36 Phantom View Post
It's legal here. You just need a medical card, many collectives have doctors on site.

Personally, I don't care, never touched it. But, I'd rather it be legal and regulated and taxed like hell.

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THIS! I don't really know anything about it, or where/how it's legal. But why NOT make it legal and make tons of tax money for America? While you're at it, increase Tobacco taxes as well.

Anyone else see how Hyundai lied about their MPG claims? Looks like Ford may be getting busted for the same thing.

Consumer Reports says Fordís highly touted new hybrid cars are delivering lower than expected fuel efficiency.

In real world testing conducted by the magazine, the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid, which has an EPA rating of 47 mpg, got 39 mpg while the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid, also rated at 47 mpg, delivered just 37 mpg.

The publication says that these are the worst discrepancies itís ever seen in its tests.
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