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I'm sure I speak for sled and Roberto when I say your welcome.

Now knowing what you got and your intensions.
I think you'll be fine with the eibachs and the monroes.
It will give you a entry level idea of how and what you want.
If you were planning to track the car.
I would suggest an upgrade on struts.

I haven't read the Pound puppy thread, But being that the car has been hit.
I'd first make sure that all the current suspension components are solid.
Again maintenance before performance.
I'd still grab the eibachs. but concentrate your efforts on getting the car to spec.

I tell this story all the time...

My current m30 car was a **** box rust bucket 5 speed when I bought it.
The PO tracked the car and it was a forum whore for many years (multiple owners)
So it had seen better days.
The only reason it wasn't salvage was because it wasn't salvage.

However the car had a solid engine and trans. Which was all I wanted.

I R&R'd and serviced everything on this car so far. Yes it's well sorted with zero rust now.
But I dropped more on maintenance and body work than anything else.

So basically I went from this:

to this:

That said, If your plan is to keep the car long term. Start to restore it.
Engine, drivetrain, suspension, Bodywork... then go performance and candy.

It may or may not happen quickly but you'll be much more pleased down the road when it dawns on you how freakin reliable these cars are when sorted out.

Go with the Eibachs, Keep your current struts. Start restore.

Good luck.

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