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Originally Posted by KSUTJH View Post
After filling out some paperwork and proving that I am the current owner of my car, the dealer released the service records to me. Luckily mine had been serviced by the same dealer for its entire life, and has 194,000 miles now. As the original dealer is about 200 miles from me, I asked the local bmw dealer if they could pull the records, but they were only able to see what had been done under warranty, so I would guess you will have to go to the dealer that originally sold the car to find the full report.;
I called and talked to my local dealer but they didn't have much in the way of information. There was a total of 5 or 6 items on the repair list which was from back in 2000-2001 timeframe. Things like replacing a tail light, 1 oil change and a couple of other small items. Nothing heavy like a tranny overhaul, etc.

Next step is to get with DMV to find previous PO and attempt to contact them for info.
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