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I'm inspired, to say the least!
I love the way your car is set up!
The air dam is...the sh*t.

Concur on the reliability of the E34.
I have to maintain an E39 too, and in comparison, there is NO mainenance for the E34!
It dawned long ago!

Engine and drivetrain are VERY solid.
The smog #'s are so low, it hardly registers.
The car had 120k when I bought it.
No un-even tire wear after 30k miles, so everything seems to holding together.
Let me tell you, I DRIVE this car.
My Indy has had it under the scope, and is confidant the car is sound.

OK, Eibachs are on order, and small steps will be taken to bring her back to glory.
Do you buy into removing the spring pads?
I know it has to affect the ride, but I wonder, to what extent, and safety?

Thanks again for the input, and pics.
I'm sure you will be getting much Aloha on them.

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