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Originally Posted by Kilgore Trout View Post
I didn't say that I supported 15K intervals. In fact, I think the 15K interval is not sensible. It costs $90 a year for an extra oil change. Whether you believe you need it or not, why even take the chance for that little bit of money?

And, let's also be clear that 1) I still don't believe that is a lot of empirical support that intervals shorter than 15,000 are necessary, 2) I think it is a big mistake to push your oil much past 7,500.

Points 1 and 2 may seem like contradictions, but they are really not. I'm saying that there is no real evidence in support of Mike Miller, but there is no real evidence that Mike Milller ISN'T the way to go either. So, in the absence much hard data, I'm just going to go with what makes the most logical sense to me. And, logically, I think that they single best strategy for prolonging the life of your car is frequent oil changes. In your own post, you've detailed many of the reasons why I believe that to be the case.

But, I still respect Sunny's point. The hard evidence in support of my perspective still isn't there. So, its not really fact, it's just what I believe.

So there!
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