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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
Annnnnnnd... done.

Wow that was quick. Thanks sean10mm!

"All xDrive cars regardless of line come with the base suspension standard, including Sport and M Sport models."

That is just ridiculous, in my humble opinion. When I think sport vs non-sport I always think of suspension, I really dislike it when car makers call a car "sport" just because it has different trim pieces and a nicer steering wheel... or whatever. Very common on much cheaper cars, surprised BMW is doing it.

Meh... no harm done I suppose

You need to keep in mind what you are asking for. You want a high performance, rear wheel driving machine from a premier market leader with an all-wheel drive option. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, I can understand you want improved grip in the winter months. But in choosing this option, don't then criticize BMW for making this option available. The suspension has to support an additional 200 pounds of weight for the "X" drive. If you choose the standard 328i or 335i, you can get the improved suspension, and investing money into decent "snows" instead of "X" will get you everything on your wish list. BMW's true driving experience is designed around their rear-wheel drive "i" versions of their sports sedans, no other manufacture can match it (including Audi IMHO). If you want "X" drive, their is a weight penalty, fuel efficiency penalty, and a suspension penalty. BMW modifies the car to provide you (the market for X drive) what they want, but it can't be the same as "i" drive cars.
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