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BigWalk, thank you for replying to the post. How much did it cost to get the HPFPs replaced?

Does anyone else believe that the Integrated Power Supply Module could be a suspect?

Otherwise, the 760 is still at the BMW Service Center. First contact from them was that the DME was full of error codes. They cleared them, drove the car for a few miles, scanned again and found one error code related an oxygen sensor. They said they doubted that was the problem. Cleared the code. No new codes since then.

Shop foreman asked to drive the car home. Car was difficult to start but once started he said it never stalled. Same the next morning brining it back to work. Hard start but once running did not stall.

I touched base yesterday to get an update. Shop foreman said they are stumped. Only 6 of the in the Greenville-Spartanburg area and they hardly see one come in for other than regular maintenance.

He did say that the they are noticing that it takes a while for fuel to get to the engine. Once the engine is turned off the fuel should stay there and pressurized. He said they are seeing the fuel pressure drop way off as soon as the car is turned off. He said possible issues they are trying to isolate are fuel injectors, fuel lines, HPFP's. I told him I had already put $1.2K into the car for for fuel filters and a fuel pump. Could he have this identified so that I can take the car on my upcoming vacation at the end of next week
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