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Does anyone here on the forum have a factory warranty as well as maintenance contract on their BMW? Someone with some constructive solution to this situation? It seems a rather poor statement of BMW HQ that they do not respond to less than satisfactory service from their dealership, especially one as
large as Phoenix.

Now I am faced with a situation with a KNOWN problem about the BMW, an expensive, sophisticated, already-admitted-by-previous-poster car that is difficult to maintain (as if I'm the one who is supposed to fix my own car with a factory warranty and maintenance agreement), even apparently for the dealership themselves who can't seem to fix it after a year ... Whining, I think not. I have been way too patient and am at a loss as to how to resolve this.

So how am I to sell a car that needs fixing when I can't get the dealership to HONOR THEIR AGREEMENT to fix it. Why would I palm off a car with a known problem to someone else ... with a warranty on it the the dealership is obviously not able to or won't fix.

Take it to another dealership to fix? Does anyone have any constructive ideas?
Cheers, Fay

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