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Wow...those are some amazing and intimidating pictures! It seems like my car was a bit more intact than the one in that thread, but that could be wishful thinking on my part. I had a lower-end 28i that cost about $45k new. A $30k+ repair would easily exceed 75% of my car's value. I hate to think about what this is going to do to my insurance premiums...they are already high here in TX, and they went up when I traded my CRV for the X3. This is the first at-fault claim I've ever had (had one over 10 years ago that was one of those act-of-God type claims), and I thankfully did not receive a ticket. I don't know if that matters or not.

I spoke with the repair center this morning, and they have been approved to start the work and will be ordering parts on Monday. They estimated I might have it back by the end of the month, but obviously, that depends on what else they find when they start taking it apart.

The driver of the truck I hit didn't complain of whiplash, but he did say he hit his head (presumably on the headrest, as I did when a kid rear ended my CRV last year) and complained about having a headache. His friend who was riding in the truck said they both were fine and the friend/driver was just already having a bad/stressful day dealing with work stuff.
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