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Best Electric Shaver? Reviews....

Who here rocks an electric shaver? I'm leaving the country again and I think it would be more convenient to carry and use an electric shaver rather than blades.
Reviews here would be great

Currently I use a triple blade razor by Gillette.
- I only use each one once, twice at most.
- I need to lather my face with warm water for a while before using.
- Takes 10 minutes to shave
- I can't shave for 2 consecutive days in a row. (Sometimes 3)

- I can get a super clean shave, usually comes with cuts

Not sure what electric shavers can provide but I hope...
- they can give a close shave almost as good as a razor blade
- I can preferably shave for 2 consecutive days without pain
- I can get to shave dry without pain
- I can shave in the bedroom if needed, without beard hairs falling about

I'd google reviews but 95% of the time the reviews are fake and/or promoted to amplify a particular brand/model.
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