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Originally Posted by Die Wolfe View Post
Yes, my insurance company made the approval...I think I'm far from total loss and I'd have to pull some shaaaaaddddyyyyy stunts to pull that one off lol
Sometimes they are not as shady as you think, you just need to know how insurance works.

For example, during initial appraisal they don't look into any "hidden" damages. E.g. if appraiser does not see damage - there is no damage. When later during repair they open up panels and found "new" damages they call for appraisal one more time, but having that some work was already done - it's less likely to get into total.

So, for example, if your car was rear-ended there is very good chance that floor panel in the trunk got damaged. And sometimes it cost well over 5k to replace just that (it actually can get even more). And if you don't take trunk interior off - appraiser will not see it. (I did take it off when my Lexus rx was rear ended and it went into total loss just because of the floor panel). Though on almost new car it may be much harder to get there.

FYI: there is also one more option available: take insurance money and do NOT make repairs. Just sell the car for parts (there even will be no salvage on the title, so somebody can actually restore it). On older cars with appraisals just slightly below total, the repair appraisal can still be more than trade-in value of the car.
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