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While testing these codes, I found the following:

1- KOMBI 3007 ............DIM_Nacht_EIN (functional)
2- KOMBI 3000.............HINTERGRUND_FARBE_TAG (does not exisit)

3- while exploring I have noticed two other codes:

A. KOMBI 3007---KI_Dimmung---DIM_DTN ( I'm not sure about its function but it seems that it also deals with day/night sensor thresold but I'm not sure which one yet!

B. KOMBI 3000 Anzeige_Konfiguration---CC_TEXT_FARBE-----WERT: symbol color OR White/orange (looks like that it codes the text-color of the CHECK CONTROL message that appears on the Instrument Cluster, it gives an option of either matching the text color and the symbol-color that accompainies that text (Symbol color) or the text will appear in white/orange regardless of symbol color. (I will have to do more tests to confirm).

I'm not sure why I couldn't find number 2, I'm predicting that it has to be related to my ISTP version, my 550 2011 never received any dealer flash/updates since the production date May 2011, this could mean that i'm working with ver. 2.42.x

BTW Could someone please tell me what would these two abbreviations in KOMBI stand for/refer to:
(PIA) and (KI).

Thanks to everyone for these great efforts!
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