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Originally Posted by mj745 View Post
Who here rocks an electric shaver? I'm leaving the country again and I think it would be more convenient to carry and use an electric shaver rather than blades.
Reviews here would be great

Currently I use a triple blade razor by Gillette.
- I only use each one once, twice at most.
- I need to lather my face with warm water for a while before using.
- Takes 10 minutes to shave
- I can't shave for 2 consecutive days in a row. (Sometimes 3)

- I can get a super clean shave, usually comes with cuts

Not sure what electric shavers can provide but I hope...
- they can give a close shave almost as good as a razor blade
- I can preferably shave for 2 consecutive days without pain
- I can get to shave dry without pain
- I can shave in the bedroom if needed, without beard hairs falling about

I'd google reviews but 95% of the time the reviews are fake and/or promoted to amplify a particular brand/model.
I'm a shaving enthusiast and have probably used more razors, blades, etc combos in my life then you've probably shaved!

I'm going to be 100% honest with you, an electric shaver is one of the worst ways to shave. Yes it doesn't cause much abrasions but the frustration with cutting hair and getting it cut properly is a nightmare. Here is a picture of of hair cut using a wet blade (IE Saftey Razor, Straight edge, Mach 3, etc)

I started out using an early type of Norelco shaver and when I was young and used it until Gillette gave me a Mach 3 as a 21'st present. That's when I actually started learning about shaving and such and got really into it.

If you want a good ELECTRIC razor, I'd have to say the top of the line Braun razors have always been good. Their foils and stuff are pretty good.

But if you want something good for your body and something that's actually relaxing, pick up a good double edge safety razor, good shaving creme & brush and a variety pack of blades and you'll be set for decades! I can use a blade per shave (10 cents a blade average) and have a WONDERFUL shave with no pulling, tugging, etc and have my face as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I could accomplish the same with a Gilette Fusion Razor but I'd be going through hundreds of dollars worth of blades. In reality those blades are only good for 5-6 ACTUAL shaves with a TON of creme and such. For me, I can use them only once or twice before it starts pulling hairs and becoming rough.
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