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Originally Posted by CyEm View Post
G'day guys!

I've recently put in a set of Genuine Philips 35w HIDs, however I have an issue with the fuse..

When I initially installed them, the driver side light didn't go on; sure enough the fuse was blown so I replaced it then they were working fine. Not to long ago, same thing happened. No drive side light and sure enough it was the fuse.

However, it seems to be permanent now. Every time I turn the car off and stick in a new fuse, then turn it on and turn them on *boom* another fuse blows.

Originally I had 7.5A in the two slots, and I upped to to a 10A (didn't have any 7.5A at the time).

I've double checked the connections and they all appear fine. I've mounted the slimline ballast horizontally and that doesn't move.

Any ideas on how to fix it?
It sounds like a ballast issue. I had that problem on my old car.

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