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Originally Posted by Michael Schott View Post
C'mon BJ stop with the bald faced lies. Plenty here had expressed interest in the ATS including myself. If you are going to keep repeating your tired shtick, at least be accurate. I'm a BMW guy for sure, and from the enthusiast side and the ATS appeals to me.
A lot of BMW owners are expressing "interest" in the concept but no one has expressed interest in "buying" and those are two very different things. One thing to admire what GM is attempting to do, another thing entirely to feel strongly enough to purchase one.

So far, in the dozens of threads by hundreds of BF members in thousands of posts stretching back 10+ months not a single person has stepped up and said "I am buying an ATS". Not one. And those who have expressed "interest" seem to be doing so to prove a point to BMW about how Cadillac is taking the enthusiasts more seriously than BMW themselves are, not because they want to buy one. That's my perception, YMMV.


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