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Greetings All
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I've been a long time reader and finally got around to registering. I would like to thank all whom post on the forum. This forum is like the news to me. I read it almost every day to see the latest issues. So far I have changed my rear brakes, plugs and transmission fluid from forum posts. I changed my trans fluid today using the ZF package.

All was going well until Murphy showed up. I think he follows me to the hobby shop sometimes when I work on my car. So I'm taking my trans bolts out you know just loosening them to make sure none are stripped before removing the fluid, Well one seems a little rough and I couldn't loosen it with fingers using extension and torx bit. I had to put the ratchet back on it to try and get it off. I crapped my pants when the bolt broke. Had a machine shop guy come over and try to get it out. He couldn't get it. So I had to put some RTV on the gasket along the line where the bolt #7 would be. I ran a bead of RTV from bolt 5 to 13. It seemed the bolt was either cross threaded or corroded in the hole. I had new bolts to put in and put anti seize on all of them. Hmmm. Recommend doing this if you plan on doing the multiple drain and fill. Personally I would use the ZF versus the multi vehicle fluid. It looks the same as what came out. The ZF is amber and not red. I must tell you my old fluid looked just like dirty engine oil. There was no problem with shifting or anything just performing preventive maint. I have 87K on it. Took it for a drive and it shifts good and there are no leaks. I was going to do the multi drain until it gets back to almost new looking fluid. Now I don't know about You know what my trans uses 21 bolts and I only purchased 20. Being a bolt broke I only needed 20. Is this why Murphy showed up.

I used two buckets using the idea of jkess114 putting the same amount in as I took out. However when putting the same amount in as I took out it was pouring out and was not a slow stream as I have read in the forum. The engine was still running. Also using a five gallon bucket and the transfer pump whatever comes back out during refill which was not much will go down the transfer pump tubing back into the bucket as long as the hose is still in where you put the fluid in. As stated you must pump fast with the engine running. The fluid and exhaust will get hot quick. Once I got finished putting fluid back in I had my drain plug in hand, removed the hose and put the plug back quickly. Again the fluid will get hot and the exhaust pipe will to. Being Murphy was around I did not change the sleeve as recommended.
Really want to thank all for your posts. I saved a grip so far. The dealer said the rear brake job was $850. So I've saved almost 3K thanks to you guys

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