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Question about buying two BMWs

My wife & I are both actively car shopping and two of our front-runners are Bimmers. A 650xi for me and an X5 5.0 (maybe an X5M) for her. We both have trade-ins, so I think I'm stuck doing a deal locally. I have also signed up for the BMW App. I assume the BMW App incentive can only be used on one car; is this correct? I am a BMWCCA member and USAA member (insurance eligible). The BMWCCA website states the BMWCCA rebate cannot be combined with the USAA incentive; is this correct? My 550 is currently financed by BMWFS and my 335d was financed by BMWFS, but I paid it off early. Am I eligible for the Loyalty Cash on each car? If I order instead of taking immediate delivery on one or both cars, what are the effective dates for the incentives? Is there any advantage to lease/order one car in December and one on January 2nd? I may also do a European Delivery on the 650 depending on how ordering a car would affect the incentives.

In summary here's how I think it works; does this look correct?

Lease a 650xi with the following incentives:
$3,500 Holiday Credit
$750 Loyalty Cash
$1,000 BMWCCA (Rebate)

Lease an X5 with the following incentives:
$1,500 Holiday Credit
$750 Loyalty Cash
$500 BMW App
$1,000 USAA

Thanks in advance.

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