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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
A lot of BMW owners are expressing "interest" in the concept but no one has expressed interest in "buying" and those are two very different things. One thing to admire what GM is attempting to do, another thing entirely to feel strongly enough to purchase one.

So far, in the dozens of threads by hundreds of BF members in thousands of posts stretching back 10+ months not a single person has stepped up and said "I am buying an ATS". Not one. And those who have expressed "interest" seem to be doing so to prove a point to BMW about how Cadillac is taking the enthusiasts more seriously than BMW themselves are, not because they want to buy one. That's my perception, YMMV.

You are saying that no one is buying the ATS and then limiting your observations to a BMW specific forum. Does that make sense in the big picture? Also, most here already own a 3 series or are locked into a lease so aren't really in the market. The big picture is the ATS right off the bat and as a clean sheet design is good enough to compete against the F30 if not yet a perfect car (nor is the F30). Time will tell if the ATS is a success and there is no reason to think it won't do well.

As far as Cadillac taking enthusiasts more seriously, in terms of sharpness of handling we know they have succeeded. As an all around car, not so much yet. This is where the F30 is a better designed car at this point.
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