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Originally Posted by Droptop85 View Post
Also. After I turn the key and hear the starter 'click' the alarm will chirp once I turn the key back to its normal position.
Go to the starter and jumper the solenoid. With the key off and a jumper wire, connect the jumper wire to the terminal with the battery cable and then touch the smaller wire momentarily and the starter should spin. If the starter spins, the starter is good and your problem is in the starting circuit. If not, the starter is bad or the engine is locked (probably just the starter). How did you determine the battery is good? My thoughts with the alarm chirp is either a security issue or battery voltage dropping low enough to reset the alarm to trigger the chirp. If you have a voltmeter, battery voltage should not drop below 10V while cranking. If you have another key, try it to make sure the transponder in one key is not damaged. BTW, Exide replacement is 48C, which is 690 CCA. Battery capacity is not an issue going up, as the electrical system will only use what it needs. While you cannot register a different battery size (at least not with my equipment on this model), you can register a battery replacement. It is my understanding that this will change the charging strategy based upon a new battery versus a deteriorated one, though most shops will just replace the battery and never register it anyway. I replaced my battery last week and the battery date code was 0909. When I entered to register, no previous replacement had been registered. It was a BMW battery, but whether installed by dealer, individual, or independent shop is unknown to me. There are other factors such as voltage drops, connections, and corrosion to be considered, especially since power travels from the rear of the vehicle to the front of the vehicle, but start with the simple things first. Good luck.
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