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Originally Posted by otonimus View Post
I still get confused as to what "BMW Apps" really means, and if you need the snap-in for it.

But whatever.
What BMW Apps means: You pay for a) the car to be able to handle them via USB b) the ability to run the BMW Connected app which provides a set of built-in applications optimized for the iDrive platform.

The snap-in adapter: This is NOT needed for BMW Apps as the white Apple cord goes straight into the USB port and you get identical functionality.

If you want Facebook or Twitter integration, you need BMW Apps because the native iPhone apps can't connect to iDrive any other way.

If you want Pandora or Stitcher integration which are apps whose iPhone version can connect to iDrive, you don't need BMW Apps but you do need Enhanced Bluetooth & USB in order to get those to function in the car.

The snap-in adapter only has a single real-world function that differentiates it from the standard white Apple USB cord and that's iPod Out which looks sexy but hurts you more than helps you (no split-screen) and requires the iPhone to be locked in the armrest (no text alerts).

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