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i assume you have driven both. if not, do so. the 7 is a world apart from the 5.

i have a 2011 750i and have had the car in for service three times over the last 45 days for a rough idle issue. picked it up yesterday and hope they fixed it. if not, hello lemon law.

during my service trips i have had two 328 loaners and a 535. my service advisor is pretty lame to put me in a 3, especially on my third visit to fix the same issue.

if i were buying a new sedan i would likely get a loaded 3 instead of a 5. call me crazy but i was not impressed with the 5. sure, things are a bit nicer going from 3 to 5, and there is more room in the back, but when you get in a 7 EVERYTHING is so much better. seat leather, dash material, road noise, road feel, name it.

for $100 its a no brainer, even if you only get a base 740 with no options. if you can get any options without killing the payment certainly get premium audio and HUD.

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