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dang. i would send an email and letter 2 hq every wk

Originally Posted by fayskelley View Post
I paid $25,000 for a nice BMW and I have kept it in excellent condition. Not one ding on it.

I have BOTH a CPO and Maintenance warranty on it that will expire during March.

I HAVE TRIED FOR OVER A YEAR to get the computer fixed as it acts crazy re the miles for the next service. Last time I spent a LOT of time explaining over and over and over to the BOTH the service shop foreman and the rep that I wanted the computer fixed this time. I told them I had complained about it every single time I had come in ....

They kept the car for FIVE days saying that they were running software on it to fix it.

It had said 4,000 til next service last month and should say today 2000 or 3000 Miles to service (I'm a realtor and drive a lot), which would bring it into February, not the March 3013 that is when my warranty runs out.

It started changing to 7,000, then 9,000 and now is at 14,000 miles til next service when I took it in.



I feel completely hopeless to get this fixed ... as they seem completely unresponsive to my many trips and pleas. TWICE during the last year I have made a trip TWO HOURS ONE WAY (I'm in Sedona and dealership is in Chandler AZ) for NOTHING because the computer was wrong.

I got the nonsense that someone didn't reset it right. Now I am absolutely
positive that it does not work correctly .... and no one seems to care.

It is the CORPORATE POLICY with a used car to do as little as possible re computer equipment?

I am absolutely APPALLED to have paid that much money to be treated like a poor relation.

I have paid probably 1500 in replacing 6 tires (run flats) because of one nail and my husband is fit to be tide that they cannot "fix" a flat that is a simple nail in the middle of the tire.

I have dropped money to have bushings fixed because they apparently didn't notice how bad the struts were and then more deferred maintenance damage was done ....

They act like they are deaf, giving me a bunch of verbal nonsense, and when I called to complain I get a phone message that says "Call me and I'll talk to you so you feel better."


They must be under some corporate restriction that prohibits them from fixing my car as I cannot believe that any human being would be so cold after many trips down to the PHX area during the past year.

I then when I got the email from BMW HQ told exactly what happened, asked them to CALL ME ON THE PHONE ANY AFTERNOON, and guess what? Have not heard from them in two weeks.

What the heck is going on with BMW. Worst car experience of my life!
and to pay THAT much money for a car that has both a CPO AND A MAINTENANCE WARRANTY is incomprehensible to me.

I drove Audis for years and they are crap compared to BMWs but I or my hubby used to do the work ourselves. Now in real estate I don't have time or skills and knowledge to work on modern cars and I was hoping that buying a nice car with CPO and with Maintenance agreement would put my mind at ease. This has been a complete nightmare !
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