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Originally Posted by CK530 View Post

Great post regarding Conti DWS tire review at the Very helpful

I switched my Bridgestone RFT after 100 miles to Conti DWS. I tried to have dealer switch before delivery, CA mentioned don't'll cost me big $$$. So I went to my local tire guy, $1K including mount/balance.

As for the Conti ExtremeContact DWS Road Hazard warranty, this is what stated in the warranty booklet:

"This Road Hazard Coverage applies to all Continental Branded tires that are purchased as replacement market tires and is a promise of replacement under certain specified conditions as detailed below. When an eligible tire is damaged during the first 2/32nds of an inch of treadwear or first 12 months from date of purchase, whichever came first, the tire will be replaced with a comparable Continental brand tire free of charge."

Also, I have a 60 Day Customer Satisfaction Trial. If I'm not happy with the DWS tires, I can request another Conti tires as replacement.

I do have one question, the X5 is pulling to the left when I let go of the steering wheel. Is this an alignment problem?
BMW charged $199 for alignment and still has pulling and worst part is steering was not centered. Two visits back to back to correct and still myn pulls to right on the left most lane of highway telling me this is not a road curve issue. Obviously, no warranty on alignment once you leave dealer lot- next time align will be with a local shop who at least willing to do a road test and correct the issue.
Conti dws are soft on sidewalls and you will def feel the diff in handling compared to RFTs.
Certificates cost 20bucks each tire for 50k miles warranty from discount tires - with free rotation and balancing if you have square setup.
I'm told my staggered setup can be rotated side to side with DWS- not sure if that can be done. I only had them now for 300miles.

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