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IMO tires ( specifically RFTs ) and suspension ( shocks or dampers ) affect ride more than wheel size. Going from 16" RFTS to 18" non RFTs I noticed barely a difference in ride. Driving a loaner with sport suspension and 17"RFTs for a few days seemed fine until I got back my base suspension 18"non rft, so much more supple and smoother. While I love the look of the lower sport suspension ( jealous of you guys ) I prefer the comfort of my setup. I'd do what u did, ditch the RFTs ( if u get a flat, you're gonna call AAA anyways, who changes tires on their own anymore? Plus replacements will be so much cheaper, especially if u r getting new left and rights ), then maybe shocks? Or keep your setup and drive wifes/ girlfriends car when the family goes for a spin. My brother in law has a sport suspension and 18" non rft, but family still prefers sisters car, they say that the choppy ride gives them anxiety, oh brother!
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